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Scaffolding project management in Australia and International

Improve the safety and productivity of your job front with our expert scaffolding project management team in Australia and Internationally. Contact us today for a quote. 

Our scaffolding project management service ensures your project runs safely and smoothly. At EMF, our professional and experienced team collaborates with you to assess, plan, design, and execute comprehensive scaffold solutions that improve safety, save you time, and reduce costs.

We work with companies both locally and internationally, bringing leading technology and many years of experience to the field. With our expert guidance, you can trust that your operations will be efficient and effective, allowing your team to work at heights safely.

End-to-End Scaffolding Solutions

Scaffolding is an integral part of your project, allowing your team to move safely while working at height. When you have a professional and experienced scaffolding team to collaborate with you can rest assured that your operations will run smoothly.

At EMF WA, our team will help you assess, plan, design and execute comprehensive scaffold solutions that will improve safety while saving you time and cost. We work with companies internationally and bring leading technology with years of experience to this field.

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At EMF WA, we are becoming a leader in scaffolding for the mining, construction, and oil & gas industries. Our team will help you design, plan, and implement the right scaffolding solution for your operation. Once your scaffolding is complete, our team will manage the maintenance of the scaffold for the entire length of your project to ensure its fit for use until work is complete. Our capabilities include:

  • Scaffolding project management
  • Site inspections, audits, and reports
  • Scaffolding design and engineering
  • Skilled labour
  • End to end Industrial scaffolding services
  • Engineering & Implementation
  • Vehicles and mobile plant

If you need scaffolding assistance on your next project but do not see the service you need listed, please feel free to reach out so we can custom-build a solution for your needs.

EMF WA Maintenance Construction and Scaffolding Company

How Our Scaffolding Project Management Services Work

Step 1: Consultation

We start by assessing your scaffolding requirements and discuss your project parameters to ensure that we create a solution that meets your needs. 

Step 2: Design

Our team will design a scaffolding solution that maximises safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your project following rigorous quality control standards. 

Step 3: Execution

We will work carefully within your timeframe and budget to ensure successful completion of your scope of works.

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Why Choose EMF WA?

At EMF WA, we offer custom scaffolding design services across all industries so you can be safer while working at heights and get more done on your operation. See why our clients trust us. 

Years of Experience

Our highly trained team brings 45years of combined experience to this space and an elevated level of workmanship to each job to ensure quality

Innovative Solutions

From mobile scaffolding that can be set up in minutes to scaffolding for the most complex projects, we offer creative solutions that reduce risk while improving workflow.

In-House Design and engineering

Our design team will bring your scaffolding project to life from start to finish. This ensures the highest-level quality and safety at competitive rates. Call today to learn more about our process and services. 

How Much Do Our Scaffolding Project Management Services Cost?

All our scaffolding solutions are tailored to the exact needs of our clients while working within your budget. Because the entire process is completed in-house, we offer an exemplary service at competitive rates within the industry. Contact us today for a quote

Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Operation

If you need high-quality scaffolding solutions with expert project management, contact us today for a free consultation. We look forward to helping your business get more done.

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Scaffolding project management

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