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Mining Machine maintenance in Perth, WA

We help those in the mining industry, heavy machine industry, or another industry in Perth, WA., or any part of the world, with expert machine maintenance.

EMF WA Maintenance Construction and Scaffolding Company

Services We Provide

Whether you are a construction company, an equipment or parts manufacturermining company, or others, we can help with machinery maintenance.

Our services include mining maintenance, scaffolding, and shutdown maintenance. We also provide rotating plant maintenance, machine rebuildsbreakdown maintenance, bearing services, and casting repairs.

When running a business, assessing and prioritising equipment is important. Especially when it comes to economizing maintenance costs. Our goal is to develop a maintenance strategy, using a combination of maintenance solutions. This includes predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and breakdown maintenance.

Our process works by reserving maintenance budgets for assets of high value. This usually requires preventive maintenance. Thus, running nonessential equipment until failure applies to breakdown maintenance.

Mining machine maintenance in Western Australia

Preventive machine maintenance 

EMF WA can build a preventative maintenance strategy and make further recommendations for future inspections and repairs or replacement of parts and or equipment that are regularly scheduled.

We have an experienced team that can visit site and work with the client to come up with a reasonable and affordable solutions.

Machine Maintenance Services in WA

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Breakdown Maintenance

Our breakdown maintenance process involves consolidating downtime, limiting staff, and lowering maintenance costs. We also cut costs by evaluating and revising our maintenance strategy.

Gearless mill drive installation and maintenance-EMF WA

Gearless Mill Drive

We use GMDs to end the need for bolt-on mechanical components like pinions, couplings, ring gears, and gearboxes. Offering unrivalled efficiency, durability, and availability while reducing operating costs. Other advantages include higher-capacity productions, using low-grade ores, and deploying digital solutions. Powered by automation and big data, digital processes allow for more sustainable operations. Not only does this help optimize productivity, but it also reduces carbon emissions

Laser alignment company EMF WA

Laser Alignment

EMF WA provides quality and reliable Laser Alignment Services and solutions for the mining, oil and gas and heavy industry. Our specialists have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your machinery is properly aligned and operating at peak efficiency. Our team of certified technicians use state-of-the-art laser alignment technology to accurately measure and adjust the alignment of your equipment, reducing downtime and increasing the lifespan of your machinery.

Machine maintenance Perth and WA

Machine Rebuilds

Machines are detrimental to most manufacturing operations. In fact, if your production machine isn’t at peak performance, it may be hard to meet tight production schedules. EMF WA provides premium machine building services. Comprehensive machine repairs and rebuilding are better alternatives than purchasing new equipment.

Industrial Gearbox-EMF WA

Industrial Gearbox

If your gearbox should stop working, it could bring operations to a halt. You need to get it back into operation as fast and efficiently as possible. Repairing a gearbox generally costs much less than having to replace it. But preventative maintenance is even more cost-efficient. At EMF WA, we have a team of experts in repairing industrial gearboxes.

Machine maintenance Perth and WA

Rotating Plant

Most manufacturing processes will need rotating equipment in the process. We provide support for rotating plant equipment, like pumps, crushers, grinding mills, reciprocating compressors and steam turbines. This ensures you reduce downtime to prevent production loss.


Bearing services Perth EMF WA

Bearing Services

EMF offers mechanical solutions like bearing services at competitive pricing. Our integrated engineering services begin at the primary stage and end with 100% customer satisfaction. We boast advanced technical knowledge, speedy turnaround time, and affordable rates.

Industrial gearbox

Driveline Services

Without a good running driveline, the equipment in your plant won’t turn. If you are looking for driveline repair or maintenance services in Perth, contact us. We offer general driveline system inspections and repairs. This helps prevent structural and physical damage. Rusting, wear & tear, and breakage.

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