Putting Health, Safety, Environment and Quality First, always.

At EMF, we’re all about our people. Investing in our team means the highest industry skills, real respect for diversity and equality, and a strong connection with the community.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

At EMF, we believe that investing in our employees is key to maintaining a high level of expertise and professionalism while promoting diversity, equality, and the community. Our team is made up of highly skilled personnel, and we are dedicated to providing continuous improvement and upskilling opportunities to all staff, to ensure that they feel empowered and supported in their professional development. Our commitment to specialist outfitting for our clients is unwavering, and we emphasise our core values of empower, support, and sustain in all aspects of our business.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our everyday business practices, where we uphold effective, efficient, and sustainable practices to minimise our impact on the environment and promote a sustainable future for all communities.

Our goal is to preserve the environment for future generations, and we guarantee compliance on all projects.

We prioritise the safety and well-being of our employees, providing a safe and inclusive work environment that promotes equality and diversity, and we have implemented a standalone Safety Based System that is utilised by all personnel. This system includes valuable tools for inspections, risk assessment, hazard identification, and incident reporting, ensuring that our clients have peace of mind, and that EMF is a leader in workplace health and safety.

Protecting our people

At EMF we pride ourselves on our ability to incorporate workplace safety into all facets of our business. From our workshop, to one of our many sites, whether FIFO or residential-based, our focus is to ensure all measures are in place to protect our valued employees from any and all hazards by identifying, assessing and controlling any high-risk activities.

Working as one, going home as one.

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EMF’s Safety Commitment

EMF is committed to achieving a safety culture aspiring to ZERO HARM, through continuous improvement of safety systems and procedures as well as leading from the front. Our core standards are applied to all activities undertaken by EMF employees and must be promoted and supported by all employees at all levels, including EMF’s Leadership Team, as we are strong believers of leading from the front.

The Leadership team at EMF are firmly committed and are pro-active in ensuring a safe working environment on all projects. Zero Harm, as a goal, is about continuous improvement and at EMF it is based on seven fundamental principles:

1.All employees at all levels are to be fully aware of their responsibilities and duty of care for their safety and the safety of their co-workers.

2.Injuries and incidents are preventable by taking the time – at EMF we say, “Take 5 to save lives”.

3.No task is that important to be done without thinking – “If it can’t be done right, don’t do it at all”.

4.Identify all hazards and manage risks associated with them.

5.Health and safety performance shall always be reviewed and improved.

6.Provide feedback to employees regarding their successful contribution to safety through our Team Player of the Month Program as well as our Incident and Injury Free Incentives.

7.Communicating up-to-date information and relevant procedures and practices so they are always ahead of the curve within the industry

The Zero Harm goal can only be achieved through the safety awareness and commitment of all employees including the Leadership team.

The Leadership team at EMF is committed to the empowerment of all employees, such that any employee may report an unsafe condition, hazard, and/or unsafe act without fear of blame reproach. At EMF we have a NO BLAME CULTURE – we want to learn from events to ensure we improve and set our team up for success.

We believe that greater employee involvement and participation will result in the achievement of a Zero Harm workplace, improved productivity and a higher quality of work.

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Safety Monthly Winners-EMF WA
Monthly Safety Winner-EMF WA-HSEQ

Our Health and Safety, Environment and Quality policies

Health and Safety Policy

This document details EMF’s commitment to health and safety through a robust Safety Management System certified to ISO 45001, emphasising continuous improvement, employee involvement, and adherence to legal and client standards.

Environmental Policy

This environmental policy outlines EMF’s commitment to environmental stewardship, emphasising the minimisation of impact through adherence to ISO 14001 standards and the implementation of an Environmental Management System with principles of resource protection, awareness promotion, and community sensitivity.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy highlights EMF’s dedication to client satisfaction and service quality through a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015, focusing on continual improvement, consistent delivery of high-quality services, and rigorous subcontractor standards.

HSEQ Excellence

EMF is dedicated to ensuring Safety and Quality through the highest HSEQ standards.