About EMF WA

Our team has over 100 years of experience. We are well known and respected within the mining industry

EMF WA is an engineering-based company specialising in the repair and maintenance of fixed plant equipment for the mining, construction, oil and gas industries.

EMF is a Western Australian-based company providing engineering and access solutions to the mining, construction, energy, oil, and gas industries. EMF specialises in the repair, maintenance and construction of plant and equipment as well as the provision, installation and removal of scaffolding and rope access services

We specialise in the repair, maintenance and construction of fixed and mobile plant equipment for the resources and energy sectors.

Empower, support and sustain are three key values that EMF upholds to provide a high standard of workmanship for both our employees and our clients. Together, these values help us create a positive work culture, build strong relationships with our clients, and contribute to the overall success of the company.

Quality Certifications

EMF holds accreditations for ISO 9001 and ISO 45001, which testify to our dedication to excellence in our processes and occupational health and safety practices. These certifications ensure that we adhere to international standards for quality management systems and demonstrate our proactive approach to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and stakeholders. This commitment enables us to provide services that meet or exceed customer expectations consistently.

ISO 9001-EMF WA-Ashburton Assurance Australasia-License No. 610035
ISO 45001-EMF WA-Ashburton Assurance Australasia-License No. 610035

Our Divisions

EMF WA’s Divisions

Sites we’ve worked on


  • Tom Price Mine, WA
  • Sino Iron, WA
  • Tropicana Gold Mine, WA
  • Mesa J, WA
  • Murrin Murrin, WA
  • Mt Keith, WA
  • Mt Magnet, WA
  • Mt Marion, WA
  • Telfer, WA
  • West Angelas, WA
  • Agnew Power Station, WA
  • Gascoyne Junction Power Station, WA
  • Dampier Salt Mine, WA
  • Pelican Point Power Station, WA
  • Esperance Port, WA
  • Bremmer Power Station, QLD
  • Newcastle Port, NSW
  • Lake Cowal Mine, QLD


  • Sambrado Mine, Burkina Faso
  • Youre Mine, Ivory Coast
  • Voicey’s Bay, Canada
  • Mina Justa, Peru
  • Hidden Valley, Papa New Guinea

Based in Western Australia, operating world-wide

We are based in Perth, Western Australia and operate worldwide, offering services including inspections, diagnosis, repair, maintenance, installations, creative engineering and access solutions and improvements to ensure the least amount of downtime and highest efficiency of equipment.

Integrity and safety are at the core of our value system which enables us to provide a high standard of workmanship that is completed within the allocated timeframe. This results in high efficiency of our clients equipment.

EMF WA crew
The EMF WA crew

Our Team

Our managing team bring
extensive expertise with over 100
years of collective experience.

Our managers are widely respected throughout multiple industries, and their leadership has enabled us to establish strong partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers. This ensures that we are able to provide our clients with the latest and most advanced products available, as well as expert guidance on how to implement them effectively.

Furthermore, as active members of various industry associations and organisations, we are able to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in our field, allowing us to continuously improve our services and deliver the highest level of quality to our clients.

Experience. Reputation. Professionalism.

Our managing team has over 100 years of combined experience. Our directors are well-known and respected within the mining industry.


Our Leadership Team

Royce Doutch-Director-EMF WA

Royce Doutch


In 2016, Royce co-founded EMF (WA) Pty Ltd, demonstrating his business development and management abilities. Royce has a background in mechanical fitting, with strong leadership capabilities working in the mining, construction, and resources sectors. He has a diverse range of expertise, including mills, fixed rotating plant, workshop rebuilds, bearings services, and laser alignment.

Enrico Fratini-Director-Workshop Manager-EMF WA

Enrico Fratini

Director/Workshop Manager

Enrico Fratini, co-founding Director of EMF (WA) Pty Ltd, has extensive experience in mechanical fitting, mill installation, rotating plant, and workshop management. Enrico’s strategic vision and wide-ranging expertise have elevated the company to a cutting-edge supplier in Western Australia’s mining sector. He remains committed to expanding his skill sets and knowledge resources to ensure exceptional service delivery.

Mitchell Bradley-Mechanical Operation Manager-EMF WA

Mitchell Bradley

Mechanical Operations Manager

Experienced engineering leader with a focus on the resources sector. Proven success in managing high-performing teams, strategic planning, budgeting, talent development, and promoting sustainability. Results-driven with a passion for driving innovation in engineering operations. Extensive experience in project management and stakeholder engagement.

Robert Brooke-Scaffolding Manager-EMF WA

Robert Brooke

Access Manager

Robert is an experienced Access manager with a strong reputation for effectively scoping and managing projects. He has a talent for identifying safe, cost-effective solutions, and his project management abilities ensure the timely delivery of high-quality work.

Warren Spooner-Access Operations Manager-EMF WA

Warren Spooner

Access Operations Manager

As a skilled professional in the access solutions industry, Warren oversees daily operations and maintains high standards in plan execution. He places a strong emphasis on safety and has successfully led diverse teams through complex projects across multiple industries.

Paul Sorensen-Site Manager-EMF WA

Paul Sorensen

Area Manager

Paul is an accomplished Manager in construction and mining with a strong background in access solutions and over 20 years of experience. He excels in managing large teams in maintenance, shutdowns, and projects, and is adept at adapting to new challenges to achieve optimal results.

Paul Rebelo-EMF WA Business Development Manager

Paul Rebelo

Business Development Manager

Paul, an adept strategic consultant, excels in guiding SMEs to boost their business through effective scaffolding division strategies. With a proven track record of driving substantial revenue growth via strategic partnerships, he is committed to nationwide expansion. Paul’s talent lies in identifying opportunities, crafting robust strategies, and delivering tangible results, showcasing notable leadership in business development and strategic planning.

Aaron-Arslanoski-EMF WA HSEQ Manager

Aaron Arslanoski

HSEQ Manager

Aaron is an effective HSEQ Leader in the Construction and Resources industry with over 15 years of experience identifying opportunities for HSEQ improvement throughout the Life Cycle of operations, shutdowns, and projects. Aaron is a collaborative HSEQ professional who builds rapport at all levels and has a track record of continuous improvement resulting in operational excellence.